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What is the average rate for Hair Growth?

It is reported that normal, healthy hair grows at an average of 0.5 inches per month or around 6 inches per year.

Hair length maesurement

Hair Growth rate varies from one person to another and is dependant on a number of factors. These include diet, general wellness and genes. 

There has been recent studies to see if hair growth rate varies between ethnicities and the results are as follows:

Asian Men and Women: Average healthy hair growth rate per year = ~ 6 inches

Caucasian Men and Women: Average healthy hair growth rate per year = ~ 5 inches

African Men and Women: Average healthy hair growth rate per year = ~ 4 inches

This may have something to do with the shape of the hair fibres in each race.

Different race Hair growth rate and follicle shape

If you are trying to get your hair to grow, there are a number of factors you could look at. 

1. Retention: Are you caring for your hair so that it can grow longer? This means feeding it good proteins and fats inside and out to keep it strong. Not cutting it so often. Reducing heat styling and harsh chemical treatments/dyes.

2. Genes: Are there other members of your family that suffer from weak hair or slow growing hair? You could have a genetic disposition to a hair growth problem.

3. Environment: Toxins and harsh weather can affect hair quality and growth. It is a good idea to try and protect your hair from these damaging factors.

4. Scalp condition: If you want to grow hair, you need to ensure it has a great environment to grow in.

It has been reported that the Inversion method can help grow hair at a faster rate than normal. Take a look at our step by step guide to the Inversion Method scalp massage HERE


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