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Step by Step Guide to scalp massage for hair growth including the "Inversion method"

Taking the time to massage your scalp on a regular basis can have huge benefits for you. Some benefits include: stress relief, tension release, better sleep, mental alertness, but the one benefit we are looking at here specifically is the stimulation of hair growth. It has been debated widely, but the fact of the matter is; massage helps to increase blood flow. If we can do that to the scalp area and follicles, then nutrients beneficial for hair growth can be present where needed. 


We will also be looking at the “Inversion Method”. You may have heard the claims that this makes your hair grow 1 Inch in 1 week! We would love you to try this massage routine, along with your Hair Growth Formula PLUS+ for 3 months and send us before and after photographs to see how much your hair has grown. The Inversion method, is basically putting yourself in an inverted position after you have completed your scalp massage to further encourage blood flow to the area. Please follow the below steps on inverting to ensure safety.

All you need is 10 minutes in the day and your fingers.

The steps below are for conducting the massage yourself, but if you have mobility issues and find it difficult to keep your arms up for a long period of time, or if you would prefer someone to do the massage for you, ask a trusted family member, friend or therapist to help you with this.

We recommend taking the Hair Growth Formula PLUS+ by My Hair Secret for 1 week before your first scalp massage to ensure your blood is full of nutrients ideal for healthy hair growth and consuming the optimum daily amount of water (~1.8L per day/4 pints), to help flush out toxins.

We recommend conducting this massage daily for 7 days in a row, then having a break for 3 weeks. (Daily for 1 week, each month). If you do it all the time, your scalp will get used to it and you will not achieve the same benefits, so it is best to have that break in-between. 


Step 1. Prepare

Comb through your hair to ensure there are no tangles. Prepare your oil if you want to use some. It is not necessary to use oils for the massage, but it can enhance the experience. If you would like to use oils, I recommend 1 large tablespoon of pure coconut oil with a couple of drops of rosemary or ylang ylang in. Place in a small bowl and mix up.

Step 2. Relax

Find a place where you can sit comfortably where your arms and elbows will not be restricted.

Step 3. Massage

If you are using oil, dab all fingers in the oil and rub together to spread oil evenly on the pads of fingers and to warm slightly. Keep finger pads moist with oil throughout massage. Note: Do not rub scalp and avoid using fingernails. Use the pads of your fingers to massage.

3.1. Place fingers evenly across the front hair line with thumbs at temple level. Slowly run fingers with slight pressure on the scalp from the front, over the top and sides, ending at the back, nape of neck. Repeat 3 times.


3.2. Place fingers evenly across hair line at the back of head (near nape) and slowly, with gentle pressure on scalp move fingers over the head to the front hair line. Repeat 3 times. (If you have long or dense hair you may not be able to do this in one movement, so split into 2 movements. 1. From rear (nape area) to crown, and then 2. From crown to the front.)

3.3. Place fingers without thumbs in a line at rear hair line pointing up towards crown. Index fingers next to each other at the nape with a gently kneading action, massage the area in small, circular motions, left hand anti-clockwise and right hand clockwise. Slowly, in your own time, without rubbing, work your way up, towards the crown of your head. This will start the movement of blood and nutrients across your scalp. Repeat 3-4 times.

3.4. Place fingers at the bottom of the hair line at each side of the head just above ears, fingers pointing up, index fingers will be towards the rear of head. Again, with a gently kneading action, massage the area in small, circular motions. Slowly, in your own time, without rubbing, work your way up, towards the top of your head until your fingers meet. Repeat 3-4 times.

3.5. Place fingers and thumb across the top of your head facing behind you, just behind the crown. Spread the fingers evenly so your thumbs are just above your ears. With a gently kneading action, massage the area in small, circular motions. Slowly, in your own time, without rubbing, work your way towards the front hair line. Repeat 3-4 times.

4.0 Gently lower your arms, sit back and relax for a moment.



If you want further improve the blood flow, a great way to boost the process is to finish your massage with a 3-5 minute inversion. It is not advisable to do this if you have blood circulatory problems, high blood pressure, are pregnant, have a hernia, pink eye or mobility issues. If you are in any doubt at all about doing the below, please seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner before conducting an inversion.

The aim of the inversion is to, with the help of gravity, increase the blood flow to the scalp.

A popular method for inverting is a YOGA pose called “Downward facing dog” .Here is a link to a video for instruction on how to perform downward facing dog.

Another great way, especially if you suffer with limited flexibility or imbalance is to sit upside down on your sofa with your head hanging over the seat towards the floor. Or lie on your bed on your back and let your head hang over the end.


The ideal time for inverting is 3 – 5 mins.


Please be careful when attempting any of these positions. Every persons’ body is different. If you feel the pressure is building too much, or you feel dizzy, slowly move yourself out of the position. Make sure your back is supported at all times.


If you have used oil to massage your scalp, you may want to cover your hair or tie it up and sleep with the oil in and wash out in the morning.

I recommend washing hair with a gentle, cleansing shampoo, preferably one containing Tea Tree.


If you are serious about maintaining a healthy hair growth cycle, I recommend taking the Hair Growth Formula PLUS+ with LUSTALOX. They not only contain fantastic natural nutrients, but the Lustalox includes ingredients that have been reported to protect the hair follicles from the damaging hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Try them for yourself along with your massage routine and experience healthy, strong thick hair naturally.



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All content is the personal opinion of the writer and not intended as medical advice. Please consult your health care practitioner for any medical advice.