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The only supplements in the world to contain LUSTALOX for hair fall protection. 

Suitable for Vegans

Product Reviews

I'm so glad i found these. After losing a lot of hair due to chemo and radiotherapy i thought that was it. My hair was growing back thin and I thought I may have to start wearing wigs. But these have not only made my hair grow back but it's thicker and the condition is amazing. I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting fuller and better condition hair.*

Glenda from Lancashire*

I am SO glad I eventually found something that really does help me. I can see a difference in the quality of the hair coming through, and the rate it is growing ... Wow! Other things I have tried have had minimal effect if anything, I know now why these are bit more expensive than some, they have another ingredient in that helps with hair loss and are not just a multivitamin. I have also seen an improvement in my skin, My nails are also growing like mad, which I am happy about but it means I have to get them done more regularly. I am so pleased with them, I feel more confident and will definitely be keeping up with these long term. My hubby wants some now.*

Linda from West Sussex*

They actually work! I wasn't expecting much to be honest, but I have hair growing where there wasn't any before. I am made up! Went to the barbers today and he asked me where all my hair has come from. I have been using the supplements for 5 - 6 weeks.*

David from Lancashire*

I noticed a difference after a few weeks. My hairdresser saw more hair coming through too, but wasn't sure if it would be consistant. My hair felt better and thicker. I have kept up with taking the supplements and now other people are starting to comment on my hair. The thickness and better condition of my hair is now really noticible and consistantly getting better over time and I am very pleased!*

Susan from Preston*

"I am always skeptical about claims made by manufacturers but My Hair Secret has helped thicken my thinning hair! Both my wife and barber noticed the change about half way through my first supply of their product. Would I recommend this product - YES!"*

Mark - Colne, Lancashire*

* All reviews, results and testimonials are portrayed by real consumers in their own words/images. Results are dependant on a number of factors and vary from one person to another. SEE MORE REVIEWS

Who can use the Hair growth formula plus+ with lustalox?

The Hair Growth Formula PLUS+ is suitable for anyone who is looking to grow thick, healthy hair.​

Used by those who suffer from:

Thinning hair

Increased Hair Fall

Those with hair extensions trying to regain healthy hair growth

Those wanting to speed up hair growth

Male/Female pattern baldness / Alopecia androgenetica

Traction Alopecia

Telogen effluvium

Hair loss due to trauma, shock, stress, changes in diet or illness.

Postpartum Hair loss. (Hair loss after pregnancy)

Anagen Effluvium

My Hair Secret, Hair loss tablets with DHT blocker. Hair Vitamins, cruelty free beauty.

The reported healing properties in some of our ingredients, such as Zinc, Copper and Selenium, make this a great supplement to take after Chemotherapy or hair transplants to help heal the scalp and maintain a healthy hair growth cycle once again.​ 

Our Story

If you are feeling the pain of hair loss, weak, thin hair, hair fall or just want help achieving a hair goal that you can never quite reach, then you are in the right place.

My Hair Secret was founded in Lancashire, England by Scientist,  Emma Procter and she knows exactly how you feel!

After experiencing problems with her own hair, Emma began researching products and ingredients to find a solution for her problem.  Read more...

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Q. My scalp is really sore and I am now suffering with hair loss. Is there anything you could recommend?

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